I’m On to You, Steampunk

This weekend was Phoenix Comicon! It was a ton of fun. As expected, there were all sorts of crazy costumes all over the place. At one point, I saw Aaron (who runs the UAT Facebook page) but couldn’t make my way to say hi because Jabba the Hutt was in my way. Since he was rather large, I almost missed his buddies, Boba Fett and Mini Jabba.

Since Avengers came out, there were a ton of Avengers costumes. I must say, only a few people can pull off the Hulk look. Painting yourself green isn’t all it takes. Puffy muscles do not make a good Hulk!

At one point, we walked past a huge Steampunk display and a friend of mine pointed out the steampunk guns. They were quite clearly painted Nerf guns with metal glued to them. We thought it was pretty funny, because UAT students are constantly finding new ways to paint Nerf guns for HvZ and Nerf Warz. We had never seen a Steampunk Maverick though!

Other than that, I celebrated Memorial Day with a few of my friends. We played Apples to Apples, Telestrations, and Bang! If you haven’t played any of those games before, I would highly recommend them.