Snow News is….Wait, Snow in Tempe?

Snow at UAT! Who says we don’t get snow in the desert? As part of the Summer Cool-Off this Friday, two tons of snow was brought to the campus (Okay, so that’s slightly cheating, but hey!). There were snow cones, a water slide, balloon fights, and all sorts of water-based chaos in the courtyard!
This week was pretty fun. I’ve been really enjoying my robotics class. We replicated an experiment called the Gold Foil Experiment, which showed that some electrons deflect, instead of passing through the sea of positive charges. My English class was a lot of fun as well. We are reading and analyzing the world of Tolkien, starting with the Hobbit. The Hobbit was a lot easier to read than I expected.

Week two of classes meant more work than the first week, but I still found time to relax and hang out with people. We introduced my friend Joe to Scott Pilgrim when we had a movie marathon in the movie room in the dorms. I also got Legos in the mail, and went a little building crazy. I made 8-bit characters out of the Legos with my roommate. Reminded me of being a kid again, although I’m pretty building with Legos is acceptable at any age. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever made out of Legos/block/boxes? I think mine was a Mario Mushroom.