Skyfall: An Interactive Discussion

Hi all! This past Sunday I went to go watch Skyfall starring Daniel Craig who, I will admit is not my favorite James Bond (Sean Connery). I have to say that it was pretty good. The James Bond franchise has had its fair share of good and bad movies and Bonds. There were some great parts, I love when they introduced Q and his interactions with Bond were great, especially the banter which really developed their relationship. There were some really great action scenes in the movie and a lot of explosions but what would a bond movie be without explosions. So I will say, and many of you may disagree, that I was not a fan of either of Daniel Craig’s previous bond movies. Now I know what your saying Aaron how is that possible, Daniel Craig did an excellent job portraying bond. Well my good person I would say to you no he did not. Regardless I though he did a great job in Skyfall and I really recommend watching this movie.