Getting geeky, like I wasn’t already!

So last night was Geeks Night Out in Tempe on Mill, I went with a few friends to look at all the geeky things. There was a TARDIS from Dr.Who with someone who looked a heck of a lot like Matt Smith, there were local comic book artists, UAT was there with the UltraSketch which was a cool project that a lot of students helped with, then there was a sweet t-shirt shop that I’m definitely going to get to do a custom t-shirt for me Brand X Custom T-Shirts, the Desert Dolls were there and finally there were a lot of geeky people in all sorts of geek related costumes. Over all pretty fun time and now that I’m becoming a Whovian (Dr. Who fan) seeing that TARDIS was the best part of my night!!

Here’s a picture that UAT took, you can click it to look at more. I didn’t have any so boo on me.