Tip: Dangers of the set

What is up dear readers, here are some tips about safety on set. First is lighting, lighting is a key components on the set of course. Unfortunately it is also one of the dangers of the set, nothing fatal hopefully. So first thing you should know about lights especially if you manipulated with them is to called out that you are turning on a light. Now the term differ though one of the most recognizable term is “Striking”. This is a common term and anyone who is on that set at that point understand what that means. Now the reason for calling out when turning out lights is to make sure that someone dosent stare directly at a light and cause eye damage of some sort, god knows what else with temporary blindness.

Another danger is the falling lights. There are numerous ways that a falling light can happen someone can bump into it, it could be not safely grounded and things of that nature. That can actually happen very easily due to the size of some sets where behind the scene movements can be restricted. So its very important to be aware of your surroundings. In case a light does fall over dont worry if it falls unless there is someone underneath it of course. The effects can result in broken hot glass due to the bulb popping, the light could possibly be extremely hot so be careful about it. All in all be very aware of your surroundings and you should be fine.