Whew, what a semester!

Wow, what a week…specifically finals week. As the semester comes to an end it gets hectic, it’s every man and woman to him or her selves. I had a lot of projects due this week everything from a website to a prototype of an app then a modeled chair and another app design. I’m going to take this moment to breathe, because I haven’t done much of that this week. But, yay it’s done! And on top of all the finals fun, I had a few other things I need to make time for like giving blood at the blood drive, helping out at the carnival student government put on to help relax (for everyone else), volunteering at the VEX tournament at Microchip (11hrs), I had an interview for an internship opportunity and then taking all my friends to the airport so they can spend their holidays with family.

Jeeze what a week! And I wouldn’t change a moment of it. I love being able to give blood because I know it helps lives and there are lots of reasons why blood is needed. The carnival was a lot of fun even though I didn’t get to participate in much of it. I especially loved being able to buy all the little prizes for all the games, what can I say I love shopping no matter what kind of shopping it is! The VEX tournament was really interesting and inspiring because all these high school kids are working together and building amazing robots. The interview went well, so hopefully I’m able to do my internship credit next semester. And as jealous as I am of my roommates going to Germany and France I can’t wait till they get back and tell me all about it!!

Here’s some photo’s from the good times: