Second Blog in One Day

What’s up all my dudes and dudettes! This one is gonna be really quick since I guess I need to write another blog since I missed one last week due to being sick and bogged down with homework. No clue what to blog about so I’m just gonna ramble lol

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Have you ever wondered why the human body gets so sick? I wonder that almost every month since I’m always sick because of my kids. You would think that I would be immune to the sickness by now but nooooooooooo. It really gets annoying and I want to cry. Like tears of pain andĀ  sadness, not tears of joy. Though I do remember crying tears of joy one time when I got 100% in Pacman. That was so lit. I had worked so hard to get that 100% and it was one of the happiest days of my life. Good times, good times.

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You know what I miss though? Flip phones! I remember my Razor phone that I had from my mom and if you had that you were the coolest dude in school. Those were way better then the Nokia phone sinceĀ those were made for your grandma and not for us young hip kiddos. Really makes me happy thinking about those good ol days . Thanks for reading!

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