Script writing on the go

Good morning or whatever time you may while you are reading this. So last week I talk about apps and how they have been affecting us, and I did a review on the software Shot Designer. Now this week I wanted to talk about script writing. Scripts are like the golden tickets of the industry, the concepts and ideas are often to play if the movie is going to sell or not. So writing in general can take variation from a few hours to a few days to even longer, and it depends on what you are writing and how you want to write it.

In hour lifetime it can be difficult to stay in one location and spend a good amount of time writing so mobile apps are born. Now there are a lot of script writing apps out there on both the android and IOS market. Today I will cover the one that I am currently using. Celtx is one of the top script writing software out there, period. Going to a mobile version was very intelligent move, and here are the reasons why. First there is a lite version so you can get a taste for it and you can only work one script at a time on it which is the downer. There is also that you wont be able to download ones from your Celtx sky drive. Which those are offer in the pro version which is very nice as you can write anywhere anytime. One default I give to the app is that there is no undo button, and of course while writing on an touchscreen can be a pain in the butt and to get use to, its one of the best apps you can get yourself for professional screen writing.