Phoenix Art Museum

A little bit ago the school was giving away free tickets to see the Video Game exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. I jumped right on that. I love going to museums so much. The tickets were only good for that Wednesday. As it happens, the rest of the museum is free to visit on Wednesdays. I grabbed one of my friends and we took off.
When we got to the museum, the first thing you see before you go in is a big, red dinosaur. And it doesn’t look pretty. I laughed because my art teacher was telling us a week earlier that if you’re not going to make something well, then make it big, and make it red. And he was right. The Video Game exhibit was a little sad. It was probably great for people who didn’t know very much about video games. It was still like a great trip down nostalgia lane though.
The rest of the museum was my favorite. I’m more of a traditional artist, so I found it very exciting. There was some interesting pieces that I got pictures of.

Really nice images done with chalk, and then a random camel painted on there.

A bonnet that was made using pins. It looks cool and morbid at the same time to me.

I just thought this one looked nice.

Pieces of charcoal hanging from the ceiling.