Parlez-vous français?

I don’t. At least not well, in fact pretty horribly, but someone might be able to understand my flailing arm movements. Anyways, I have been extremely-extremely-extremely busy lately working on an application to study abroad in France. Next semester is going to be my last semester! Yay I’m going to graduate and what could be a better way to spend my last semester than in a foreign country learning new design skills from a completely different culture? I can’t wait, I mean there’s a lot of stuff that needs to happen before I go like finishing the application, being approved, putting a deposit on my bed space (dorm) and figuring out more logistical things like how I’m getting there and when! But I’m really excited and not sleeping because I’m trying to put together a portfolio, update my resume, write a motivational letter and… oh ya that other thing I need to do… homework! My parent’s weren’t on board with the idea at first because they really want me to just graduate, but once I confirmed that the credits would transfer to cover my final classes they were all for it. Provided everything goes as planned I would leave at the end of September and come back the beginning of February.

I would be studying at the École Supérieure d’Art et de Design or ÉSAD which is in Orléans, France. I would be staying in a dorm building by the Loire River, basically a 5 min walk from the school. And I would be an hour and a half train ride from Paris! I sure hope I Molly and I both get in!!