My First Blog

        Well hello ladies and gents! My name is Andrew Raabe and I am a new Student Ambassador, I am currently attending the lovely University of Advancing Technology for both Video Game Design (excited cheering from Video Game Design students) and for Game Art and Animation (loud hooting from the artsey side of the room) with a focus is digital art more so than traditional. Originally born and raised in Wisconsin, I migrated to the heat of Arizona for the fall semester of 2012, before it is asked- yes I know waaaayyy too much about cheese and milk tastes like water anywhere outside Wisconsin!

        I am a big fan of playing games, as the majority of school populous are. I am a huge RPG game buff and do enjoy playing all sorts, indie being among my favorites. In addition, I lurve mountain biking, swimming, card games, paintballing (shameless Paintball Club plug: Join Now! =D ) and long walks on the beach!

        Lastly, I am a member of Student Government. I love working hard and trying to make a difference to those that need it, and the best way to do that, I feel, is to be in Student Government. I love it, to tell the truth, we help people, we manage clubs and we are the student voice. There is no better feeling than a student coming to you with a problem or needing help with something and you actually being able to help and make a difference for that person!

        So that’s basically me in a weird list of words on a page full of excitement and exclamation points! Thanks so much for reading!

Lame Joke of the Day: How much does a hipster weigh?

Answer: An Instagram.

Food For Thought!