Moving off campus and mom’s b-day

This past week has been an interesting one. After last semester I moved off campus with my roommates Molly and Amanda and everything was going well until last week when it seemed that everything decided to break at once. Our air conditioning stops working all the time, the ceiling fan is no longer functioning, and our dryer isn’t working. It pretty much felt like whatever could go wrong did. I suppose it happens, but we are still waiting for these items to be fixed. I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait this long to get something fixed in the dorms and even when the AC broke we had backup single units we could wheel in. There was some great advantages to living in the dorms.
On a happy note I had a lot of fun this week going to dinner at Benihana with my family for my mom’s birthday. Teppanyaki is always fun and I love it when the do the silly tricks like making a volcano out of onions or making Mickey Mouse out of rice.
I also had a great time playing card games with my roommates and friends. I hadn’t really played many card games prior to coming to UAT besides maybe Apples to Apples and Magic the Gathering. We played Aye, Dark Overlord and Boulder Dash. Both were lots of fun and I’m enjoying being exposed to the games that other people like. I have found some amazing friends here 🙂