A Movie Star is Born!

So at the school there’s a Digital video program and the people in the program have to do a lot of videos in their time at the school. Often friends of video students get asked to participate in the videos as actors because… well we’re all college kids and can’t afford actors or the time to interview actors. So, my friend the digital video major asked me to be in her video and I agreed, little did I know how exhausting and time consuming shooting something as short as a music video was!

So she asked me and my boyfriend if we would just be a cute couple on video and then there would be a death followed by sadness. We did a shoot on Saturday where I walked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until the shot was right. Then there was some tree climbing which I hadn’t done in awhile and apparently there’s video of me stuck in a tree which is what happened because I’m so out of practice. Then we switched locations to our apartment where we were being shot having a meal, only we never ate. And then I had to be sad and I tried soooo hard to be sad, I have plenty of things to be sad about, but it’s hard when there’s a camera there.

Then Sunday more shooting, we went to farm and pet lots of animals and just in general had a good time, but it was unusually windy and cold so it wasn’t all fun. Then later that night we had to do the death scene which took in my mind forever! But, it was very cold that night and my boyfriend and I kept running to the car to warm up between takes and setting up. I was so glad when it was all over! But then there’s was still homework to be done!