Molly’s Mini Guide to Arizona (Now With Blurry Pictures for Your Enjoyment!)

This week has been pretty busy with schoolwork. There’s nothing terribly exciting, so I figured I would take a break from blogging about school stuff and share my experiences of Arizona so far.

Be warned, some of these pictures were taken with an old camera phone, so the pictures may not be the greatest.

The first picture I want to share is the first picture I took once my mom and I got off the plane. We sat at the airport for about two and a half hours waiting for our ride. During the wait, I kept commenting on how warm it was and how great it felt (my mom likes cold, so she vehemently disagreed with me).

Phoenix Skyharbor International Airport

First Glimpse of Arizona!

After moving into my dorm and exploring the campus a bit, I decided to walk around and see what was nearby. Another UAT student and I walked to the Arizona Grand Resort. It’s a beautiful place, and I especially loved the fountain they had there.

Apparently you shouldn't swim in the fountain

A fountain at the Arizona Grand Resort

During that first semester, I got to visit the Grand Canyon! The only downside was that we went at night, so all the pictures were dark and black and you couldn’t actually tell that I went.

Martian/Human Relations are very civil

On the way, we stopped for gas and saw this at a hotel across the street.

I recommend closing your eyes and just imaging that its there instead. Much easier.

And here’s us walking in a little area next to the Grand Canyon. It’s beyond the fence, I promise.

Another time, we tried to see the Grand Canyon during the sunrise, but there was snow covering the ground and we couldn’t actually make it there!

It was freezing!

Instead, we visited Red Rock Canyon, which was between Phoenix and Flagstaff.

Each December, I visit downtown, where the streets are decorated for Christmas. They have this huge Christmas tree in a courtyard in the center of downtown.

Gives you some idea of scale

If you look closely enough, you can see a shadow of my friend Quincy at the bottom of the tree.

In high school, I didn’t really go many places, because Jacksonville didn’t have a lot I hadn’t seen. That totally changed when I came to UAT. My friends were always coming up with crazy things for us to do. For example, one friend dragged me along to a small concert, which was really cool because we got to stand right in front of the band.

I honestly hadn't heard of either of these bands before this.

Here we are standing in line, waiting to see Billygoat and Little Dragon.

During the first semester, my friends and I started something called “Random Phoenix Adventures.” Since none of us were from Arizona originally, we wanted to explore and see what was around. The rules of engagement: Grab a bus ticket, hop on, get off at a random stop, and find something to do. Usually it involved finding food and then taking pictures of awesome things we found along the way.

I mostly like this picture because of the weird sculpture on the left.

Here’s a small group of us on a Random Phoenix Adventure. We had just gotten off of the light rail on the left and were heading into downtown Phoenix to see what we could find.

On one of our random Phoenix adventures, we walked by the Herberger Theater Center, which has about a dozen sculptures of dancing people outside of it.

I don't know that we succeeded.

We found one pose that we really liked and tried to mimic it in a group.

Something else we liked to do was visit the park. The park was a nice break from the rest of the city because it had grass and water.

I don't have alt text this time, sorry to disappoint you.

Sometimes we brought Nerf Guns to the park and played mini-HVZ games.

My favorite park is Kiwanis Park. It’s got a huge lake in the center, hills, a playground, a soccer area, tennis courts, and all sorts of other things.

My friends back home didn't believe me.

I had to take this picture to prove that Arizona does have water.

My friend on the left thought I lost my keys.

And you can look for four leaf clovers there.

Overall, everyday Arizona is a really nice place. It has desert:

South Mountain Hiking Trail

It has ducks:

Kiwanis Park

It has rain (sometimes!):

Yes, there is a monsoon season.

It was Monsoon Season

And it has cute little animals:

Especially when you go to the Zoo.