Let the crazy Mad Libs Stories Continue!

As you may have seen on Molly Satterfield’s blog. I helped her out with a little Mad Libs weekend. She was nice enough to let me do the same! Here it is.

This week was sarcastically horrifying. Between school and work, I somehow jump-roped up the responsibility of mopping a League of Legends team. Which includes scheduling penguins, signing up for tournaments, and humming as a paper plate if I need to. I also tried a new restaurant, which was delicious. It was called Singapore. I played a lot of play station all-stars, and wondered plenty of Netflix. My friend came over as well, but we ended up getting in a very long winded lime, which ended fairly well, but then went downhill again. I think we figured out an arrangement, but who knows how well that will work. Now, I’m just ready to go lie down in my transparent helmet and go to skydive.

Enjoy! Sorry about the lack of picture, even though I promised I would last week. Next week for sure!

Kyle – Over and out!