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Living with a College Budget

    Hey All!

    So as we all know living in "college kid" status isn't always the most pleasant thing. Although it is a time when you are probably the most creative with the things you have or want. "College kid" status is one where you are known for having little to no money, your time is sacred, and sleep is rarity. Today I'm just going to focus on the lack of money problem.

    Being broke in college is a very common thing and is caused by many different things. You may have rent to pay, bills to pay, college loans to worry about, and of course finding food. Having a job while in college can only help you. It gives you some spare money that can help with all of these things. I know some people where this doesn't work out well with their schedules but I recommend getting a job while studying. If you are planning on coming to UAT there are plenty of opportunities. We are close to ASU so Phoenix is really just a college town. This means that there are plenty of jobs out there for college students to jump on. Most establishments around the area know that we are in college and work very well with the class schedule you give them.

    I've seen many "college hacks" online about how to do things the cheap and easy way. Anything from heating up soup on a iron, to making almost anything in a rice cooker. There are a whole bunch of college hacks online that you would be very surprised when you read them. As I said before, college can be one of the greatest times for creativity.

    Check out some funny and quite handy college hacks here.

    That's all for today guys


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