The beginning of my last semester

So after talking with my academic adviser I have officially confirmed that this will be my last semester at UAT. I have 3 classes that I have to complete this semester and then I’ll be released into the real world again. My classes this semester are Portfolio Review,  The Palio game project (or whatever game project they decide to put me on), and my internship. I’m scheduled for everything except my internship…. which I will have to find soon. So this week basically consisted of starting up new classes.

Before I started the new semester thought I did take a little adventure out to Payson,Az for a few nights and stayed in a friends home there. It was very cold and we took a drive through the woods which had a light snow cover, but nothing you could really ski in or anything. It was very pretty and was a nice mini vacation before the start of school. I kinda wish I had taken pictures now.