I’m Such a Rebel, Breaking the Rules of Las Vegas

This weekend, I journeyed to the bright city of Las Vegas to meet up with my parents. It was a bit of a vacation since I wasn’t in class, but there was a lot of craziness involved (including hail! I had no idea it even hailed in Vegas!).

To spare you the boring details, I did want to talk about one of the places I stopped by, The Mob Museum. It was marketed “There are two sides to every story”, and showed the story of the mob from multiple perspectives. I was expecting a neat little museum with stories on the wall and artifacts in cases. What I liked was the fact that the museum was incredibly interactive. At almost every turn, there was something to play with or some button to push. It made the museum much more exciting than I was expecting. I took some pictures to share. They’re a little blurry, so bear with me.

This is a picture of one of the screen they placed inside a table. The entire table was meant to look like a fancy restaurant. You could press the Menu button and it would bring up a screen with different cities with mob connections. Once you clicked on a city, the menu went away and all the information on that city was present on the little plate in the center. It was a neat way to display the information.

This is another interactive table. This one had little coasters on it that you could use to receive more information about people connected to the mob. You would put the coaster down on an empty portion of the screen, and select which person you wanted to know more about. It was interesting, although a little more chaotic to use than the previous example.

The museum tended to display information in very unusual ways. For example, in this area, they showed a black and white film of some mobsters being chased down by police. Since they were running through a forest, they built a little mini-forest using fake trees and painted on shadows. The film would then play in between the created forest. The shadow of the person you see in the bottom corner was painted on. This section wasn’t as interactive, but I liked that they attempted to make the presentation a little more decorative.

I won’t spoil everything for you, in case you ever plan on visiting, but there was a lot more to the museum than meets the eye. We spent about three and a half hours in the building, just exploring everything we could. I am excited to see museums going in a direction like this, and I can’t wait until more things are interactive.