Hello World

I’m not too great at this “blogging” thing. However, I think I can handle this first one. My name is Ashley and I’m currently doing a double major for Game Art and Animation as well as Game Programming. Overall, it’s pretty exciting. It’s definitely more exciting than Rawlins, Wyoming. That’s where I went to high school and also got my Certificate for Digital design. I’d still rather tell everyone that I am from South Carolina though. I lived in Summerville for 13 years of my life before I went out to Wyoming. I still can’t get over the fact that watermelon is so expensive around here in Tempe.

Besides all of that, I have to say that I’m still really excited to be at UAT and it’s my third semester. I’ve got a new job here as a Student Ambassador and I really enjoy it. I’m also really excited that in two months I will be in an apartment.