HCI Conference & My Music Mosaic

I recently went to the HCI International conference with the My Music Mosaic team. The conference was six days, and included three days of tutorial sessions (which you can read about here) and three days of presentations.

The conference took place at the Mirage in Las Vegas

The first tutorial session about evaluations in usability design. From left to right: Joshua Follis, Vesna Dragojlov, Amanda McIntyre, and me

Jaylyn holding up the conference program. We were excited to see our names in print!

As part of the keynote of the conference, we got to hear from Hiroshi Ishii, a distinguished scientist in the HCI field.

This was sadly the best picture I could get of him.

In his presentation, he talked about his vision of the future. The last decade, he has been an advocate for Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) as an alternative to the current Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). He wanted to bridge the gap between the physical world and the digital world. To do this, tangible interfaces were created to represent the digital information. At the conference, Ishii proposed a new vision: Radical Atoms. In this vision, he wants more flexibility than TUIs offered.

His analogy included icebergs. A GUI is an iceberg that you can see, but not touch so it is underwater. As we advance, the water becomes less of an issue in our interactions.

From then on, we were able to present our poster and attend other presentations. This was a really great experience to understand what kinds of things were currently happening in the HCI field.

We attempted to design our poster to stand out. We weren’t really sure what an average poster looked like.

Showing off our project was an exciting experience. While talking to people, the team quickly realized that we were some of the only undergraduate students there. I met one student from China who had just finished his bachelor’s degree, but mostly everyone was a Masters, PhD, or part of the industry already. That made us feel really proud!

Me, Amanda, Jaylyn, and Vesna by our poster on the first day of presentations

Overall, it was a great experience!