A spooktacular TechForum!

So much stuff happened in the last week! There was Halloween where I did Cosplay Chess then TechForum and finally Game Jam! For Halloween I decided to go ahead and do a Lichtensein type character and only one person got it, most people were confused. I decided to do my costume as cheap as possible because I didn’t have a ton of money especially since rent was due on the 1st. So, I used some acrylic paint since I have some because I’m a fine artist, it was hard to get off at the end of the night and it probably wasn’t the best for my skin, but I was happy with it. Cosplay Chess event went well, my side lost both times and it was a little difficult to hear the players calling out the moves, but I still think everyone had fun, plus there was plenty of free candy!

TechForum was really cool this semester they started off with a demo on liquid nitrogen it was so fun to watch them freeze stuff then break it and it ended up being pretty informative too. Another great one I saw was where an alumni, Erin Prince, came to talk about opportunities in the game industry in a thing called Live Ops, what I liked most about it is that she wasn’t just talking to the game students, but to me as a UI/UX designer and how I might find opportunities I didn’t realize.

After TechForum was over the Game Jam started and their theme was “space” there were a lot of cool ideas in the room dealing with everything from personal space to outer space to the space bar to small spaces. I really liked a lot of the ideas that came out of that Game Jam and I hope some of them end up finishing their games.