I Can’t Handle Anything Colder Than 50 Degrees

Before the semester started back up, some friends and I took a trip to the grand canyon. We had been before, but never during the daytime. Plus, one of my friends is from South Florida and had never seen snow, so we figured it was the perfect time to head out. We left at about eleven in the morning and came back around midnight.

Now, for those of you not living in Arizona, the area around the Grand Canyon is usually twenty-thirty degrees colder than Phoenix in my experience. We happened to pick the day that is was ten degrees at the canyon. I’ve lived here for so long that my body didn’t really know how to deal with the cold! All of us brought multiple jackets and even a few blankets to keep warm, but it didn’t feel like enough.

At the bottom, I’ve included some pictures of our canyon trip. It’s much more beautiful in person, I would definitely suggest checking it out if you get the opportunity!