Goodbyes and Old friends are now new friends

This past week I was very sad to say goodbye to one of my favorite professors Prof. Paul Andrus. He is leaving the university after 12 years. I wish him the best of luck in his futureĀ endeavors! I also hope that I still get an opportunity to learn from him since 2D is one of the things that I’ve been told over and over is EXTREMELY important in the game art industry. I had the honor of being on the Palio Project which he had dreamed up. We had a BBQ outside the dorms in his honor.

Otherwise I had a pretty good time last week. A old/new friend of mine introduced me to making dinner at home almost every night (which was delicious). They also brought me to a holiday party for a company I use to work for. I enjoyed dressing up and saying hi to old co-workers and friends. I’m pretty sure my friend is my boyfriend now šŸ™‚