Jamming, Not for the Jelly-ous!

What a weekend. There was a global game jam this weekend and I decided to go ahead and do it with a couple of friends, it was a lot of fun, but I wasn’t needed for very much of it. I worked on the HUD and the menu, credits, and score screens and that was it, still it took 9 hours of my time. The global game jam happens once a year and UAT is one of the locations that host it they had over 100 people sign up to jam and like 20 games were produced and shown off. You can see the game I worked on here H.E.A.R.T.S. it was actually a really good learning experience for me I did some sprite sheets which I’ve never done before and I got a lot of positive feedback which is a good feeling and we won best art at the UAT awards ceremony (not from global game jam), but I wasn’t the only artist the one who worked all weekend was Joe Denton and he did all the in game assets. Here’s what I did though: