Getting ready to get outta here!

There are a lot of things to consider when planning on going to France or traveling in general, especially studying abroad. Recently I’ve been dealing with transferring money to a bank overseas. A lot harder than I expected, but I’m not using a major bank I’m using a local credit union. The bank routing numbers are different overseas so my bank had a hard time with it. They did figure it out and I finally got it transferred on Monday, so now I should be signed up for the dorms there.

Other things I’ve been learning and figuring out slowly is how I’m going to graduate, I’m set to graduate next semester. The classes I’ll be taking in France wont really align with the classes I need here at the school, luckily the schools going to just take the classes there and apply them here for me so I don’t have to worry about it I’ll still graduate next semester! I still need to do one of the core classes, but they’re letting me do it asynchronously since I’m in a unique situation.

Oh and I’ve been trying to read different blogs on what to expect when traveling to France and what to pack when studying abroad. So far I’ve learned that I’ll have to survive 4 months out of basically 2 suitcases, do-able considering I’ll have access to a laundry facility, but still I’ve got to decide what to take and what to leave!?!? Not to mention those suitcases are going to have to conform to the bag policy of whatever airline I chose on because apparently they’re very strict about that stuff in Europe. Oh speaking of I still need to get my airline ticket, but before that I need my visa. I need to take pictures for my visa too and they need to be smaller than a standard passport size so I’m going to have to take them and use photoshop to get them to be right. I’m expecting to leave in 2 months and there’s so much to do, nerve-wreaking to say the least, but I expect I’ll have to most amazing time intellectually and socially. Bon voyage to me!