Cool Charities and Craft Shows

I had a pretty interesting week. I got to meet someone that just recently started up an amazing charity called Gamers Vs. Cancer ( He makes cancer awareness t-shirts with video game designs. Best part is that he gives 20% of his t-shirt sales to charity.

Other than that I got to hang out with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile. My friend Candace brought me with her to a craft festival where I saw a woman that was producing amazing artwork using Japanese paper and another that made landscapes and scenery using leafs and flowers from her backyard.
After the craft show my friend took me to go look at cars. I had no idea how much technology was being put into the new vehicles. A few of the cars we were looking at had many of the same functions a typical tablet would have (maps, calendars, 20GB of space) plus the ability to monitor the vehicle for problems. The only thing I would improve on the cars though was the quality of the touch screen. I’d rather have the response of an android tablet 🙂

This week I’m looking forward to Tech Forum and watching some of the presenters there. So I pretty much know what I’ll be writing about next time 🙂