It’s Always a Good Weekend When Dancing is Involved. Now, If Only I Knew How to Dance.

This past weekend was Fly-in G33k. For those of you unable to make it (or unsure what it is), Fly-in is a chance for prospective students to check out the school before they attend. It allows you to see the campus and learn a bit more about the school. It also gives students the chance to make friends before they get here (which is handy considering most of us come from out of state). There’s an all-day event, but there’s also an overnight component as well, where students are paired with current students and sleep in the dorms for a night.

There were all sorts of events. During the day, students got to interact with professors, admissions, financial aid, and of course, the fantastic Student Ambassadors. At 4:30, the Fly-ins got paired up with their hosts. My fly-in ended up being a girl I had toured on Friday, and she was pretty neat. Founders Hall hosted Sumo Wrestling with the gigantic suits (there seemed to be a theme, earlier in the day students were playing with the Sumo Bots). After Sumo, a few of us played Dance Central and the current students taught how to use UAT ninja stars. From there, we played card games, ate food, socialized, and finally went to sleep around three or so. It was exhausting, but definitely worth it.

Last week was also Tech Forum! I was pretty busy with tours and such, so I missed most of the presentations. Thanks to the power of the internet, I’ve been catching up on UAT’s Youtube channel.

Now I’m just settling back into a normal week, with classes and work. It’ll be nice to relax after all the events!