First Post!

Well hello there! My name is Molly Satterfield, and I am one of the new student ambassadors. I am majoring in Robotics and Embedded Systems. This is my third semester at UAT, so I am technically a sophomore now! I came to Arizona all the way from Jacksonville, North Carolina, so I’m fairly far away from home. It was a really dramatic switch because North Carolina is very green and I lived about twenty minutes from the beach, but I adjusted quickly.

The semester is only in its first stages, but I think it’s going to be a good one. I’m especially excited to be taking Ethics in Technology and Legal Issues in Technology. I have both classes on Tuesdays, and they really balance each other. Ethics is focusing more on “Is it right/wrong or good/bad?” and Law deals with “What cases out there are limiting technology? In what ways is the law behind on technology? What is the outcome of that?” My professors are also really enthusiastic about their subjects, which I find is always very helpful. If they like what they do, then students are more likely to enjoy it, too!