Finals week, one week early

Hello everyone this week is week 14 out of 15 so what does that mean? FINALS thats right it is the dreaded time that all the ambassadors don’t want to think about due to the mountain of work each of us might have to do. This week will be tough since I will be finishing the filming during the upcoming summer break which is a week long. So this week is finals week but a bit earlier so boo. But enough ranting, this week on the plus side for some of the props we will be using our handy dandy 3d printer that is right after modeling it in our software we will be printing props for the film, so BOOYAH. We also finally got some upcoming shoot dates which is really good since we want to eventually finish this haha.

All in all this will be my last post for a couple of weeks at least due to the ridiculous amount of work that will be coming up so see you later alligators.

Signing off… Myagi893