For this week’s journal, I’d like to share a game I play with my friends called Eat Poop You Cat or EPYC. I know the name is a little weird, but it makes sense once you hear the game. It’s a game of telephone with pictures involved. On a piece of paper, you write a sentence, like “Winged whales are not very good pets because they don’t fit in the living room.” Then you fold part of the paper to cover your drawing and pass to the person on the right. That person looks at your picture, and tries to guess what the picture might be. They write down a sentence, then fold your picture and their sentence and pass it. The next person unfolds just the sentence, and attempts to draw it. It goes around the circle like that until everybody has either written or drawn something.

It’s a really fun game, and a little goofy at times. It can be a really great way to break the ice. Below you’ll see an example. The top is the original sentence, and the bottom is what it became at the end.
Here’s another example:

So now that you’re acquainted with EPYC, go out and play your own game!