I’m an Elf-dwarf warrior-thief!

The week was extremely busy. Between work and classes, I found that I had very little free time. It was nice though, because I got a lot accomplished. I had a really good project in ethics. Me and two other classmates presented on genetically modified organisms. The general consensus was that we should not modify animals, unless it is for the benefit of the animals themselves. For example, we mentioned that scientists had modified chickens to be featherless, so that the process of plucking was no longer a problem and it was easier to kill and consume the chickens. This was not a benefit for the chickens themselves, so the class was against this modification. It was interesting that the class was against this technology. I’m wondering how people outside of our classroom feel about genetic modification.

Other than that, I did take some break time to hang out with friends and play some card games. My friend Ian bought a Munchkin game called Munchkin Booty. For those of you who haven’t played Munchkin, it’s a hilarious game where you can be an elf warrior or a Gnome-dwarf thief-bard. The point of the game is to fight monsters and make it to level ten before anyone else. There are silly cards like spandex chain-mail and ten-foot pole. Munchkin booty is a pirate variation of this game, and the only thing more UAT than a pirate would be a ninja! There were about eight of us playing, and it was a great way to relax and de-stress.