Call Now and You’ll Receive Absolutely Free…the Packing it Comes in

There’s E3 drama at UAT! When taking a recent tour, I noticed the question “Which company will dominate this year—Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft?” My friends have been obsessing over the details. Some lucky UAT students got to attend E3, and are currently wandering around seeing all the new things and networking with people. We even have a few ambassadors at E3 at the moment, including one of our new guys, Patrick.

Those of us not lucky enough to go to E3 have been working as usual. I’ve been on a huge reading kick these past few weeks, first reading the entire Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, then a book called Utopia by Lincoln Child. Utopia is a fictional book about an amusement park by that name that blows any current amusement park out of the water. It has a high-tech robotics program within the park, holographic technology that can modify the way you look at yourself in a mirror, and a complete immersive environment. The park is run with a neural network called the Metanet. The Metanet is a learning system that can determine whether things in the park are malfunctioning, and makes updates based on that information. The main character of the book, Andrew Warne, is a robotics professional that originally created the Metanet and some of the robots in the park (including an ice cream scooping robot and a robotic dog). It was a really good book that was recommended by a UAT alumnus. It’s not perfect, but definitely a good read.

If any of you guys have seen the E3 press conferences, what do you think so far? What things are you looking forward to most? Anything you didn’t like?

Until next week, enjoy this random picture of the white board in my dorm. The thing on the right says “Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”, in case you can’t quite read it.