Dununununununununu……… Batman!

        Hello my evil minions! Again this is Andrew Raabe, an awesome Student Ambassador here to tell you about the shenanigans here at UAT! First up, it was my birthday on the 5th of July! I may have worked all day, but it was a fantastic night. If anyone hasn’t been to Teharu Sushi, and you are a little light on cash, I highly recommend going. It has an awesome revolving sushi bar, and exceptionally cheap pricing.

        On the game watch, are you ready for your wallets to bleed? Yes that’s right ladies and gents it’s steam sale time! What’s on my 24 hour watch list? Defiance, BioShock Infinite and of course Borderlands 2. I know that I’m going to be getting my paycheck soon.. so It may be time to splurge! So hop on Steam, and spend your well earned money on video games!

        From the Student Government side of things, it has been pretty uneventful! We are having SARRC (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center) kids on campus for a week to help them experience the joys of college as well as hosting a movie! Still no idea what movie it will be since we are awaiting the result of the pulls.

That’s all for today!


Lame Joke of the Day: Why do cows wear bells?


Answer: Their horns don’t work.


Food For Thought!