Director Diary 9 – Kickstarter Final touches

This last week has been insane, with school back in session and the kickstarter going to release in just a couple of days this has been crazy. We went off location to film part of the kickstarter and then finished the rest in the school using our awesome green screen room.
Which was last Wednesday if I am correct we then got it edited and just need to put the VFX and get some content sent to the marketing team and we are good to go. Then I can have an ulcer hoping to get enough funding’s through it. So with that out there I will shamelessly be putting my kickstarter video on this blog next week and will beg people for money, however if you do donate you will be rewarded. I will also put more pictures and videos of the progress starting next week. I swear I didn’t forget.

Signing off, Myagi