Director Diary 8 – Kickstarter Production

Hey guys hope the week has been good for you, alright today’s topic as the title suggested is kickstarter production. For the film, the team will be raising funding through the kickstarter site and indiegogo. Now for those who do not know what these site are let me break it down and some tips that some of you might not know. Kickstarter and indiegogo are crowdfunding sites so people can post their projects and get people to donate their money for their projects. We are raising a mere 5000 dollars for the whole project which is really a lot of bang for your bucks. Now this number comes from actors pay, prop making material, costumes, sets design, VFX(visual effects) and so much more. Now we have an awesome video for it and i’m acting in it, I should warn you though I suck at it haha (don’t expect an golden globe). I’m nervous but it should be fun and this will be a great experience for me being on set.

Signing off, Myagi