Director Diary 7 – Rough starts and beautiful endings

Hello everyone and man do I have to tell you the last week I was a nervous wreck, today I finally got to recover a bit haha. So first thing I want to talk about was my change of ticket so that I could make it to the auditions in time. Long story short I ended flying back the night before the auditions at 11:30pm. Then I called my ride for pickup as we thought this out ahead of time, then I got some bad news. HIS CAR WAS DEAD. Ok so a bit dramatic with the caps but you guys have to understand it was late, jetlagged and nervous as tomorrow was going to be first time at an audition. Fortunately I had enough leftover money from the holidays to get a cab (thank you very much awesome family).

So I crashed to say the least and then I had to wake up early and get to the school early so that I could set up the room for auditions. Another tip for you guys, make sure that you set up sides. Sides are basically dialogue for the actors to read so that we can save time instead of flipping through your whole script. Another tip is that when auditioning with actors it should be short, from my experience and I could be wrong that 15 minutes is a good amount of time. Finally after a good eight hours of auditioning I was amazed by the talent that showed up, it was a tough choice but I was able to narrow it down to the two actors for the roles of Tiberious Hart and Hally Hart. Now for borderland fans you might be surprised at the selection and so was I, but I have to say that they hit it on the head and cannot wait to see them do more.