Director Diary 6 – Preparing for audition

First off, happy holidays to you lot and hope you guys are having loads of fun and enjoying a bit of a break. Now enough about that here we go about the film. Now while I am still on break I am still working as if I didn’t I would be too behind schedule. Now the main objective that I am working on today is casting for actors as I had to change my airplane ticket for auditions. Another tip of the day for future directors from what I have learned is that to constantly visualize what you have in mind so that when you talk to your actors then can understand and execute your vision. Its sounds easier haha then it actually is.

There was also quite a few of submission mades for the roles which I was pleasantly surprised especially since it was an open casting call, which is a somewhat of a roulette kind of game. Well that is it for now but tune in next week when I go back to AZ and have the auditions. One more thing for this blog I taught  “Man I should really start uploading pictures”. So as a treat here is a pic of one of the locations we will be filming for the movie;