Director Diary 5 – Everyone was going kung shoot fighting

Hello everyone this is probably going to be my last log for at least two weeks with finals going and break just around the corner. Even though this is the end there is a saying “no rest for the wicked”. Over the last week me and my Director of Photography got together to work out the choreography at least the positioning of it for the final fight scene and lets just say we are some very happy campers.

Over the last week we also came up with a renamed title that fits the story much better after we went over again to tweak it. It is now called Borderlands; Change of Hart. In other news we also came up with production on how we are going to film the video for our kickstarter which should be awesome and laughs for guys. We also solidify the list for prizes for the kickstater and finally got a concrete time table (or close to it) and it should be epic.