Director Diary 4 – Shenanigans

Hey guys tis is the season to be jolly and to do more film pre-production. It was a very productive week as me and a few of the leads on the project decided to go location scouting which is was just pure shenanigans. It took us two hours to find the place because we were everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Though we eventually found the town and OMG (in a little girl voice) it is perfect and looked even better from what I saw.

During the last week we also made additional changes to the script as we now have couple of more months to complete the film and I have no clue but it is even better then last time and more of a fan film so you guys should enjoy it even more ! We also come up with a rough budget for the kickstarter which is 5500 total for the whole production and the film should be around 15 minutes total so won’t you please help us out (puppy dog face).

We also come up with the design of the costumes and they look awesome so I cannot wait for them to see how it goes. We even got a fantastic artist name Anabel Garcia who has done some amazing fan art to help us out on the project and it will be AWESOME. Woot more caps, and more preparation for the upcoming week as we are trying to get as much work as possible before we go AFK from the school for Christmas break. On that note I am signing out and I hope you guys have a great holiday season.

Peace out dudes, Alex Dinh