Director Diary 3 – Holy Poop

Hello everyone first I would like to apologize to anyone who took offense to the title above. Though its pretty fitting to what happen over the last week and looking back up to this date on the project. Well lets just say wow, we found one of the three actors for the film and he is amazing I won’t spoil it for everyone as I want people to see it when it comes out. It seems that every time that I look back this project keeps getting bigger and bigger. We decided with the scale and the amount of production of the film that we will not make our original deadline so we decided to push it by a two months for two reasons.

First is that since we are not getting budget for this film we are going to make a kickstarter for it which will be in late January so if you are reading this, I HAVE NO SHAME AND YOU SHOULD HELP US OUT !!! Sorry for the caps though the budget is not that big this would really help take the film to the next level. The kickstarter if strictly use to pay our actors, artist, and prop makers so that we can make an awesome film. And there will be plenty of really cool prices for everyone. We also come up with a working title called Borderlands: Hail to the King. On that note I am going to sign out for next week episode.

Peace out dudes, Alex Dinh