Director Diary 2 – No pressure (no really no pressure)

Hello everyone so I was noticing the time stamps on my post and they are totally all over the place so let me straightened out when I actually started the first day of the group and the build of the Borderlands Fan Film actually started November 9 so that is the official date and then today which I think is November 23 which is two weeks gap a whole lot of stuff happen, like a WHOLE LOT. So for those who are wondering on how the filming process start well you can learn from my trial and error on this blog and you can then all laugh at me mwahahaha. Well in my personal opinion the start is a script.

The script is the most important thing in pre-production in my opinion because it lays out the resources that you are going to need on a project; such as actors, props, costumes, locations and possibly marketing. When then results on creating the budget for the project which this role is actually not for the director but for the producer of course the director still has the final say. Back to the script I had to get at least the very core rough draft of the story done in only a couple of days. Now for most it is not that difficult however I have a problem called ENGRISH (Engrish when you cannot speak proper english, p.s. this is a totally a fake and is used for comical effect).

I put all my free time and got about a five minute script on the core of it and if you guys are wondering in the industry each page of script should be equivalent to about 1 minute of a film. Beside that it was going over the script and to completely destroying it and to bounce back and forth ideas to make the script better, to tune it basically. Beside that the next two weeks were meetings after meetings and recruitment on who was going to be on the project and what their role were going to be. Not forgetting the time tables of course for cast calling and actual shoot day.

Beside that there were so much more detail I could go into but you guys probably have lives and want to move on with so for now I will sign out.

Peace out dudes, Alex Dinh