Director Diary 15 – Final Countdown Part Deux

Hello readers and fellow geeks, this week has been stressful to say the least. I have been working a lot on the guns as we finish priming them this weekend and will be painted I hope by Wednesday. This week is going to be epic as its going to prepare everything is ready and set and make sure we have every detail right for the shoot. So some of things me and the team had to do was the shoot schedule and the scene order to make sure it did not take forever to be on set. Also the costumes are over halfway there we are so close to being done. This has definitively been a very productive week and now we are in super crunch mode for the shoot as its almost spring break. Finally here is my tip for this week, when things get hectic dont get stressed and just keep working at it. Cheesy I know but it works.

Myagi signing out