Director Diary 14 – Talk about efficiency

Hello dear readers and welcome to another Director Diary. Things are going well really well as a matter of fact, though if my producer read this she would tell me no they are not. So that I dont slack of near the shoot as we are in a critical part right now. Well this past week has been more dormant on the movie as I had to catch up with homework. Though this past weekend has been brutal almost like another 48 hour challenge, well at least for me. On Friday we finally got to start working on guns after much anticipation. On Friday we started in the evening and had five guns in the process; an assault rifle for the bandits, deputy shotgun, Hellfire, nuke tube attachment, rocket launcher and couple more in the works. We got most of them assemble and early in this upcoming week we will apply a primer cote and paint and we should have 90 percent of the guns done. Also during the past week me and my producer that knows how to sew ( THANK YOU NATASHA) got some materials for the costumes and we are going at a great pace. We got the psychos, lead female costume completely done or at least all the pieces of it. We got most of bandits costumes set up and the lead antagonist and most of the lead. This is really awesome these props come to life. Now I didnt forget about doing my tip of the week of course and here it is; try to do as much of your props in-house if you can of course make sure that they are up the quality that you are aiming for. If you cant then get some hire help and there are tons of talented people out there. Though if you can you get couple of benefits; you save money which is a big one, you also get the rights to keep your props and not having to return them which is a pretty big deal.