Director Diary 12 – 12 as week 12 of what I have been doing, and more awesome stuff.

Hello awesome people, sorry that I haven’t posted yesterday I was completely drained from the weekend. So here is the cliff notes of what happened; Saturday was the start of props and costume production. We also decided to delay the shoot another couple of weeks so that we could have more time on building the props and costumes. We got the final design of the arm for one of our lead characters and then went out to get materials for the props. The design looks awesome so I cannot wait to bring it to life, this brings my tip of the day. Make sure that when you have the design for your props you do a prototype with cheap materials such as cardboard paper these are really good to get an idea on how to build it. Also when looking for base materials to build your props such as guns, look around and crowd source your peeps to find out if they have old materials that they do not mind giving it away. This will help you save tons on your production budget.

Sunday was an awesome day we schedule for our choreography for the final fight so that we can work out the kinks and get the actors to have an idea on how the movements are going to work, which make the process faster when we are on set. Remember that your shoot/production days are gold days and should be almost perfect. That is why some projects have couple of years of pre-production behind them. Another tip that I learned is that you should have several copies of your movement chart so that your actors can get a better idea on what you are trying to communicate. For a director his main job is to get his vision across which one of the major key plots is through the use of actors so treat them with respect as they are people too.

Signing off, Myagi