Director Diary 10 – Its the pre- production final countdown

Hello everyone, so here is an update on what is going on. Due to the other film that is being run by the DV program we had to change the shoot date due to not having the proper equipment during those days.So the shoot is now on an early date and will be a three day shoot instead of two.

Its definitively stressful but exciting and especially now that the shoot date is just over three weeks to go. With quite a few things to do still, however now that we know how close we are. Everyone has been working overdrive and we are making great work on getting the final touch ups to the shoot preps. With that said here is a tip for other future filmmakers and part of this blog.

Production days are very precious, so make sure that you know your script in and out and that you know how you want the flow of the movie to be. If you are a director know how you want your actors to interpret the script but be open to some creative freedom. If you are a DP (Director of Photography) make sure you know what shots needs to be taken and when.

A great way to do that is to do a master shot list with your director and do a floor plan prior so to make sure you can set up the equipment for the shoot. Alright guys got to go and back to working on the project and classes.

Signing off, Myagi