Mr. Teeny, The Protector of the Keys

Whew, what a week! It hardly feels like it’s almost over. Having a long weekend really does speed things up quite a bit. Over the weekend, I took a bit of time to hang out off-campus. About seven or eight of us hopped onto a bus and went to the Fiesta Mall in Mesa. We didn’t really do much other than walk around, but it was more about the journey than the destination (and the food. Food is always a plus).

From there, it was a lot of homework. I finished up my Symet for Digital Logic class. If you don’t know what a Symet is, it basically consists of one motor with a shaft that it uses to move around. It gets energy from a solar panel. There’s no programming involved in making it, so it’s a fairly simple little guy. He doesn’t move around much in my room because there’s not enough light, but there you have it, my first completed robot here at UAT!

Video blog number two was completed and put up! I’m definitely getting used to talking into a camera. One piece of advice a friend gave me was to pretend the camera was my best friend, and just talk. Interesting concept, but then I picture my best friend making funny faces at me. My biggest advice to anybody wanted to start a web blog or series is to just have fun with it. HA and I might not be the best or the funniest, but I like to think our videos are still enjoyable.