Call a Cab When You Need a Ride. Eagles Charge More and Come Three Books Late

So before I start my journal for this week, I wanted to correct something from one of my previous blogs. I had made a comment about the Lord of the Rings trilogy while I was taking Tolkien Studies last semester. I have been informed that the “eagles are not the taxi cabs of Middle Earth and they can do what they want.” My apologies to the eagles.

Other than angry voicemails from eagles, it’s been a long week. The season is changing, although you wouldn’t know it by the weather. It’s still warm and sunny during the day. I’ll give credit to the weather, at least it’s consistent.

I’ve been experimenting with cooking in a group. Some friends and I decided we wanted to cook homemade meals more often. One of the dishes I made was a take on homemade mac and cheese. The cheese sauce was melted pepper and we put rotini, chicken, onion, peppers, and bacon into the sauce. It made a ton of servings and was delicious!

Other than that, this weekend should be a fun mixture, filled with homework, birthday celebrations, and attempting to learn how to balance on inline skates (which should be easier than I’m making it).