I’m a Cartoon Character

There are two weeks left in this semester, and we’re all feeling the pressure. My life has been consumed by projects and finals.

In my HCI101 class, we are working as a group to develop the concepts of a UAT app. It’s my first time doing anything on this scale, and I’m really satisfied with it so far. I was in charge of designing the log-in and main menu. We used Illustrator to create the buttons and layout, which was a program I had never used before. It was pretty simple once I got started, and I managed to create icons that looked almost exactly like the ones I drew on paper. This week, we’ll be getting student to test what we have so far. I’m a little nervous about it.

I also had a presentation in my Vietnam class about the film The Deer Hunter. For those who haven’t seen it before, it’s a fairly long movie. One hour of it is a wedding scene! But I enjoyed the film a lot more once I read about it. At one part, the director convinced Christopher Walken to spit in Robert De Niro’s face. When he actually did, the director called him brave. De Niro was so mad he almost left the set.

Other than that, there’s not much to talk about. Enjoy this picture of me that Devon drew!