Sister in Italy and I get her car

So this week my sister left to go to Italy which is really cool for her and awesome for me because she’s letting me borrow her car 🙂 I usually ride a little scooter that goes a maximum of 40mph so this is a nice change. It also helped me on an adventure I had when trying to find a place to cash a check issued to me from a Canadian bank account. The attempt to get the check cashed failed but in the process I found an amazing little place to eat called Taka Cafe & Grill that is not terribly far from school (if you can bribe a friend to drive you there :P) just south of Southern and Baseline. Taka has a very interesting mix of Korean, Japanese, American, and Mexican food. So far I’ve had some of their Korean bbq and honey bbq and both were equally amazing. They also have Boba tea which was really good. I think the next time I go i’m going to try their Sushi 🙂 So enough about amazing Asian food!
This week my sister going to Italy really has me thinking about my trip to Italy for the game project I’m on called the Palio project. It was a great experience and I got to visit the location that I’m modeling and witness the race that we are creating first hand. I can’t tell you how it felt to step into the Piazza del Campo for the first time and see the buildings I was looking at for months up close and personal. We had a lot of fun checking out and researching the area. Sometimes it wasn’t a whole lot of fun for example when we had to stay up until 2pm to talk to our team members in Phoenix and then wake up 2 hours later to start taking pictures for texture shots. However, even with the hard moments it was a great trip and an amazing learning opportunity.