Student Ambassador Journals: Now Available in Pyrovision!

So, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while (or not, I have no idea who reads my journal posts and when). It’s been incredibly busy here at UAT.

Some quick updates! Had Fly-In G33k on June 23rd. It was a lot of fun. We had free food made from the RAs by the grills and played card games. We have another Fly-In coming up this Saturday, so if I didn’t see you in June, I hope to see you then!

One of our ambassadors, Heather Hall, got a job in the industry, so congrats to her! Ambassador Devon just got back from Italy. She went with UAT’s Palio Project. If you see her, definitely ask about it!

In non-work news, I am absolutely awful at making candy. Specifically lollipops. I have some pictures below. We decided to color them blue, even though we used strawberry flavoring. We thought it would be really funny to have somebody eat blue strawberry candy. As a result, whenever you tasted one, your brain had a malfunction with trying to identify what it was supposed to be tasting.

Below is what the candy looks like when it was boiling. To get the color to mix, you simply had to add the color while it was boiling and it would mix itself. The directions told us not to stir.

We also apparently used chocolate molds instead of hard candy molds. The difference between the two is crucial, as you can see by the melted plastic.

As a result, the lollipops were malformed and twisted. If you squint and turn your head, this one kind of looks like Stitch.